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Checked into Chicago Board of Trade Building

Hello everyone. I am in Chicago for the LRNG summit. It is about rethinking education.


I apologize for not getting the module two tutorial video up yesterday or today. Last night I was just beat after getting the kids down and today I had some travel issues.


Basically for the CCSS we will be going through and identifying what we think kids need to know (knowledge), what they can do (skills) and a few examples of books that can use at each grade level for the Reading Literature strand.


I want to do this together. Online learning should not mean learning alone. My original thinking was to annotate using but I am thinking a Google Doc option as well might be easier for everyone.

For now you can focus on the readings. If you turn to the CCSS just look at the Reading for Literature strand. Focus on the "elements of literature" and what children should have to know and do at each grade level K-5. A simple chart will help you.

We can figure out how to package it all together later.