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Quick Favor

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UPDATE: I went to Help Desk and they were finally able to solve the issue. Getting Biography up now.

I still can not get on to Sail Point (which means no blackboard, bannerweb, or library resources). If anyone can look at the biography graphic organizer, pull the two readings for me and email them to to me at I would appreciate it.


Sorry about the end of the semster hook up. Why we have to change our passwords so much is beyond me. Walking over to the Help Desk now.

Another update: Sailpoint will not let me change my password but it is expired which means I can not get into the library or onto blackboard.

I am posting the templates to the final two modules here in case anyone was dying to get started:

You only have to worry about the biography module and not realistic fiction


ANOTHER UPDATE: The last two modules will go live tonight when I get home. They are due by Monday the 15th. I wanted them up earlier today but the wifi at SCSU has been wonky all day and I keep losing my work.

ATTENTION: All materials are due by Monday 15th at 11:59pm. I am hoping to do the interviews next week. I will send a sign up link

Video Fail

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Hello all,


Somethign went wrong with the audio in my video. I just say, "Yep, Yep, Yep." It is a shame as my four year old woke up and composed a theme song in the middle of the video for the class.


I will re-record today.

I am going to post a video update after class but wanted to get the info at quickly:

-I will add the last two modules on Tuesday night. All modules must be completed by the day of our final.
-I am not going to require the Book Review project. I just ran out of time this semester.
-All papers must be in by day of final.
-You will be writing up a self grading post and scheduling a ten minute portfolio review with me (either face to face or video) as your final.

The Fantasy Module is Now Live

The Myth Module is Now Live. Have fun with this one. The team put together some great ideas.

I just got the fables template in. I will build the site out today.

This is what Peer Editing Looks Like

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Congrats Casey and Patricia.